Amela Koluder mentor Being a mentor strengthens your empathy, challenges your mind and sharpens your skills fresh. The most successful mentorships are the ones that are a two-way experience where both sides benefit from the relationship.

Charge Norge A startup incubator for immigrants who are passionate about growing their idea into a successful business. Charge is a customized 12 months Incubator and accelerator program, that provides startups with the tools needed to build a successful business. We break down the established rules by round locating the startups inside several high-end enterprises both for office accommodation and operational contribution to grow and scale their business. Selected startups will receive a package of business development worth 1 million NOK from leading industry players, plus a powerful corporate network.

Catalysts Norge Et styrkebasert mentorprogram og rt mer inkluderende samfunn. Vi kobler personer med flerkulturell bakgrunn med frivillige mentorer fra bedrifter og lokalsamfunn i et seksmåneders mentorprogram. Mentorer får opplæring i metoder for å identifisere deltakernes styrker.

657 Norge “Collaboration is the new competition”
Coworking Space within the Creative Industries – located in the heart of Oslo. At 657 Oslo we accelerate passionate people and ignite great ideas. We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of offices, flexible workplaces and event spaces, and provide you with excellent advisors when you want to succeed growing and commercializing your company.